Midterm – Trader Joe’s

DISCLAIMER: No affiliation with Trader Joe’s or associated products, all materials created for a class project.

Give Yourself a Break!

At Trader Joe’s, we’re firm believers in the power of snack hour. That’s why we want you to Give Yourself a Break. We all know that there’s no such thing as spring break in the real world. No lounging on the beach, no camping trips without service – no one said work was easy.

We don’t think that being an adult means that you need to skip out on those special moments your younger self enjoyed on spring break each year. The closest thing we can provide is a snack break, which when done properly with TJ’s products, is just like spring break. But for adults. And it’s not a whole week.

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Take a Snack Break Staycation!

We’re here to help you create your perfect snack break staycation, whether that’s nibbling on chips and dip in the break room with your coworkers or crafting the perfect midday mocktail for your video conferences.

We like to think of every day as a vacation here, and there’s no reason that you can’t bring that mentality to your workplace. Head to your local Trader Joe’s to stock your pantries and refrigerators for the spring break staycation of your dreams, right at your desk, office, or even your living room.

To celebrate spring break, forever, we’re sharing our favorite refreshing sip that will make your desk feel like a lounge chair in no time. We can feel the ocean breeze already!

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Joe’s Coconut Cooler Recipe

– 1 part Trader Joe’s Coconut Water
– 1 part Trader Joe’s Lime Sparkling Water
– 3 (or more) Trader Joe’s Coconut Strips

Combine equal parts Trader Joe’s Coconut Water and Trader Joe’s Lime Sparkling Water in a glass over ice, stirring lightly. Garnish with Trader Joe’s Coconut Strips for a sweet finish! You can also add fresh lime slices or mint leaves for an elevated snack break.